Planning status DM Sprint

May 21st, 2020

The German Championships Sprint Distance 2020 are not yet cancelled for this year. We would like to publish the current planning status of the event of the German Orienteering Federation (DOSV).

Due to the changed general conditions and the sometimes big differences from state to state it is sometimes difficult to make a forecast for the coming months.

Looking at the situation of the orienteering sport in Europe, there are more and more opening tendencies. At the moment, training sessions are again possible in many places. In the meantime, there are also planning approaches for larger outdoor orienteering events again. From our side the situation is still being observed.

We still benefit from the fact that we can arrange all parameters very flexibly. The maps are ready. Various track concepts are ready. The number of corona cases in Saxony is very low compared to other parts of the world. The authorities often act with a great sense of proportion.

One of the biggest unknowns at a federal event is still the issue of overnight accommodation, especially the mass accommodation. Therefore we are in consultation with the respective responsible persons. It is advantageous that we can offer a large number of accommodations in the Zittau region (in contrast to e.g. the DM Long Distance in Gröden) on campgrounds, holiday flats, hotels and pensions in the surrounding area.

Depending on how the situation will develop in the coming weeks, we will then again seek the discussion with the DOSV. There is also a regular exchange with the organizers from the Czech Republic.

Priority 1 for us is the health of all participants and population groups as well as fair competition. But for us, the health of all parts of the population also includes exercise in the great outdoors, meeting friends and like-minded people and supporting the local economy. There it is important to act with a sense of proportion, to observe the legal framework and to consider all interests.

In Saxony, the competitions in orienteering at state level in the autumn season have not yet been cancelled.

If there is further information, we will publish it immediately.

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