SAXBO 2020 and quiz results

July 31, 2020

The 28th Saxon-Bohemian Orienteering Days will be held as a regional event on 17./18.10.2020. At the current time we are still in arrangements concerning the exact parameters. The quiz results have been published in the meantime.

Until the end we hoped to be able to hold the German Championships over the sprint distance with a corresponding concept this year. However, on the federal level, all events in the orienteering for 2020 were cancelled by the responsible committees in Germany. Therefore the goal is to make a new attempt in 2022.

As a regional event, we would still like to hold SAXBO 2020. As soon as the plans are final, the complete invitation to tender will go online.

The results of the quiz are attached. The winners have already been informed.

[Results Quiz]